Fantastical? Not!

This beautiful animal perfectly captures my mood, attitude and facial expression of yesterday.

Perfectly. We could be twins.

I mean, how is one supposed to look after donning  a hazmat suit for the third time in forty-eight hours in order to clean, disinfect, launder and sterilize yet another “Oops! I didn’t make it to the bathroom,” incident  (without so much as a grunt of acknowledgment  mind you) and then listen to the overly-effusive “thank you for removing that crumb from my shirt,” to someone who strolls by once-a-decade?

Wanted to see if sniffing lemon-scented Lysol would cushion the hurt after hearing, “That would have been there all day. Don’t know how you knew it was there! Intuition maybe? Thankyothankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!”

Nope, there’s nothing mystical about it. But, there is an imbalance that a well-placed ‘thank you’ can cure. Try it sometime, ‘kay?


What say you?

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